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The European Trainee Academy is an organisation that delivers outstanding learning and training opportunities in some of Europe’s most beautiful places.

Our courses have been carefully designed, and are delivered, by academic and business experts with real-world experience and expertise.

Popular Courses

Business Entreprise Course

The Business Enterprise (Entrepreneurship) Course is designed for international students who are interested in developing the skills necessary to run a business and aims to provide a global perspective in key areas business management, including business planning, marketing, presentation skills development, negotiation techniques and time management, as well as valuable skills such as leadership, problem solving and collaboration and the art of fostering a culture of innovation.

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is a teaching approach in which a foreign language is used as a tool in the learning of a non-language subject. In our CLIL Teacher Training programmes, teachers develop and enhance their ability to teach a wide range of subject areas through English. Special attention is paid to making sure the classes are entertaining and informative. All our teachers are professionals with many years of experience.

How to get funding for our courses

Our courses comply with all the rules of major public education funding projects, such as Erasmus+, Touring Scheme and the Czech OP JAK. Find out how to apply and take advantage of this opportunity.

Prague location

Závišova 66/13, Praha 4, 140 00, Czechia

Benalmádena location

Calle Catamaran s/n, Nueva Torrequebrada, Benalmádena Costa, Malaga, Spain